Who We Are


Leandro Nosal 

Head Winemaker

What I do: manage all aspects of the wine making process to make premium Okanagan wines.


"my mother went to school to be a winemaker, you could say it’s a family tradition..."


Growing up in Mendoza, one of the Great Wine Capitals, Leandro’s passion for winemaking and viticulture has been a lifelong interest. This thirst inspired a desire to follow his dreams around the globe from France to New Zealand, thus developing deep knowledge of diverse styles as well as experience in oenology and viticulture. Leandro strongly believes that low intervention winemaking is the best way to make wines that truly show their terroir. He has learned his technical winemaking skilling, by studying and working with the best in the industry, including Pernod Ricard and Grupo Penaflor. Leandro now leads winemaking at Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, where he is looking forward to showcasing all that the terroir has to offer with a deep dedication to crafting distinguished wines from the Southern Okanagan

The facts: I have an agricultural engineering degree from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, and a Master of Science in viticulture and oenology, which I achieved while studying in Montpellier, France and Torino, Italy.


Patricia Leslie

Steven Pawluch

estate manager

what I do: Oversee the hospitality operation, ensuring the guest experience is so memorable that we develop a long term relationship with wine lovers.


“Wine is the answer!
What was the question?”


In 2017 I moved to the Okanagan Valley from Ontario where I had worked for a decade in the restaurant industry. I am deeply in love with food and beverage and consider myself a food and beverage nerd. After exploring the Niagara wine region in Ontario I decided to move to the Okanagan and fell in love with the diversity of wines and the amazing people who grow and make them.

The facts: I studied at the University of Guelph in the Business-Hospitality and Tourism program before going for my Wset Level 3 wine education. I have worked in all aspects hospitality and the wine industry and have a passion for fermentation.

On my days off you can find me cooking extravagant meals, drinking the rare wines, beers, and whiskey's of the world or making my own beer. Cheers!




Muriel Allen

Muriel Allen

dtc manager

what I do:  oversee the  Crush Club and design and execute e-comm offers.

“I can ship that to you”




I’ve worked at Tinhorn Creek since 2001. Like many other people who make BC their home, I’m originally from ‘somewhere else’; in my case, it was Saskatchewan, then Banff and Saltspring Island before finally calling the Okanagan ‘home’ in 1999. My job at Tinhorn fits perfectly with my love of wine and food.

The facts: I completed the Winery Assistant Program at Okanagan College (formerly OUC); I have a background in retail and the restaurant industry; on my days off I can be found scouring local flea markets in search of art project materials.

Andrew Moon

viticulturist / vineyard manager

what I do: determine what the vines need, lead the farming team


“Pardon me, but that meeting is during the hockey game…”

I moved from Australia to British Columbia in June 2009. That was an interesting harvest for BC vineyards – the one with three days of sub-zero temperatures in October when many grapes were still on the vines. But not our vines. I’d say I caught on pretty quickly.

The facts: I have a Diploma in Viticulture from Melbourne University, a Trade Certificate from Brit Bendigo, and I studied Geography at the University of Newcastle; I worked at Ormonhill Vineyards, Colbinabbin Estate, and Freeman’s Bridge; I’ve been known to make a really good stout beer.