Donations & Sponsorships

We believe community is only as strong as we make it, so we contribute wherever we’re able – and as often as we can. 

Aside from the financial donations we make, we try to help community fundraising efforts by providing our products for auction, participating in wine dinners, and hosting tasting events. Resources are limited for charitable organizations, and we try to support as many of your Okanagan based organizations as we can.  

Each year we make sure to budget for donations and sponsorships. To help us make decisions on donations, we need some information from you. Our goal is to be fair and equitable in how we distribute the resources we have, so we ask that charitable donations and sponsorship requests be submitted online through the form below. While we’d love to talk to each of you, we don’t have the person-power to take every phone call.

We consider charitable donations and sponsorships that support Canadian charities, provide benefit to children, and are based in our Okanagan community .

If your organization is looking for a donation or sponsorship, please complete the form on this page. We request that you submit your request 4 months in advance. We aim to get a response to you within 5-7 business days; follow up calls aren’t necessary. Should you not hear back from us, it’s likely we were unable to meet your organization’s donation or sponsorship request at this time.



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