Miradoro Restaurant - Dinner Menu - Late Summer 2019


to begin


roasted marinated olives                                                                                         9


chef’s daily soup - seasonally inspired                                                                     12


heirloom melon gazpacho - espelette pepper, heirloom tomato & focaccia             16

panzanella, parsley, feta snow                                                                          

suggested wine: Oldfield Reserve 2Bench White 2017 


salad of local kale - caesar dressing, balsamic pickled egg, pumpkin seeds           14                    

suggested wine: Pinot Gris 2018


clams & chorizo - steamed in saffron tomato sauce                                                 19

suggested wine: Gewürztraminer 2017     


grilled baby octopus - squid ink papas arrugadas, cucumber                                   19

pickled sea asparagus, bull kelp salsa verde                                                          

suggested wine: Oldfield Reserve Rosé 2018


albóndigas - beef & pork meatballs in rich tomato sauce, arugula, parmesan            16

suggested wine: Oldfield Reserve Merlot 2015


charcuterie plate - assorted house cured meats, artisan cheeses & accompaniments        29.5

(for two)

suggested wine: Innovation Series Kerner 2014


pizza - open fire neapolitan style


margherita - tomato, basil, fior de latte                                                                   22

suggested wine: Pinot Gris 2018


funghi - white sauce, wild & cultivated mushrooms, alpindon, caramelized onions     22

suggested wine: Oldfield Reserve Syrah 2014


quattro formaggi - tomato, parmesan, smoked mozzarella, tiger blue, nostrala, chilies      22  

suggested wine: Merlot 2017


pancetta - tomato, italian bacon, confit garlic, smoked mozzarella, chilies                 22

suggested wine: Oldfield Reserve Cabernet Franc 2016


diavolo - tomato, alpindon, capacolli, fermented chili sauce, pepperoncini               22

suggested wine: Merlot 2017


zucchini e miele - white sauce, local zucchini, mortadella sausage, honey                          22

fior de latte, onion          

suggested wine: Oldfield Reserve Pinot Noir 2014





charred local heirloom tomato garganelli - burrata, basil, garlic, chilies                            26.5

fennel pollen         

suggested wine: Gewürztraminer 2017


side stripe shrimp linguini puttanesca - olives, capers, anchovies, chilies                         36.5  

suggested wine: Chardonnay 2017


wild boar bacon & black pepper carbonara - spaghetti alla chitarra                          32.5

black pepper & egg yolk sauce, arugula, parmigiano, cured & smoked yolk      

suggested wine: Oldfield Reserve Merlot 2015





wild mushroom risotto - summer vegetables, poached duck egg                                    28

pecorino romano & sage                

suggested wine: Oldfield Reserve Merlot 2015                                                                         


rd 17 arctic char - charred caraflex cabbage, bacalao fritter                                     36

romesco, pickled chanterelles        

suggested wine: Chardonnay 2017


braised peace country lamb belly - brassicas, rye berry ragu, XOkanagan sauce               38

suggested wine: Oldfield Series Syrah 2014


harissa roasted rosebank farms’ chicken - chermoula, green chickpeas, tomatoes             37

olives, preserved lemon & sumac yogurt, crisp pita                                                     

suggested wine: suggested wine: Oldfield Pinot Noir 2014


12 oz blue goose beef dry aged ribeye - parmesan potato frico                               56

black garlic emulsion, what the fungus oyster mushroom, salsa verde             

suggested wine: The Creek 2014


from the farms

side of fresh local vegetables - simply prepared                                                        9

side of forno roasted wild or locally cultivated mushrooms                                       12


Jeff Van Geest - Executive Chef              Ian Stilborn - Sous Chef