Who We Are


Sandra OldfieldSandra Oldfield


what I do: make wine, be sustainable, chair health & safety programs


“I have 40 or 50 opportunities to make the best Merlot – overall, it’s really not many.”

In 1995 I experienced my first “crush” at Tinhorn Creek. That was the year I moved to Oliver from Santa Rosa, California. I packed my ‘66 Mustang and drove across the border to a new life, full of excitement and hope – including the hope that my car wouldn’t break down somewhere in Washington.

The facts: I studied winemaking and Canadian history at the University of California at Davis (affectionately known as UC Davis); I worked at Rodney Strong Vineyards in Sonoma; I’m part owner at Tinhorn Creek; I have a vintage purse addiction.

Sandra Oldfield Twitter @SandraOldfield

Andrew MoonAndrew Moon

vineyard manager

what I do: determine what the vines need, lead the farming team


“Pardon me Sandra, but that meeting is during the hockey game…”

I moved from Australia to British Columbia in June 2009. That was an interesting harvest for BC vineyards – the one with three days of sub-zero temperatures in October when many grapes were still on the vines. But not our vines. I’d say I caught on pretty quickly.

The facts: I have a Diploma in Viticulture from Melbourne University, a Trade Certificate from Brit Bendigo, and I studied Geography at the University of Newcastle; I worked at Ormonhill Vineyards, Colbinabbin Estate, and Freeman’s Bridge; I’ve been known to make a really good stout beer.

Sandra Oldfield Twitter @Andrew_Tinhorn


Andrew Windsor

Andrew Windsor - Winemakerwinemaker

what I do: make amazing wine (& have an awesome time doing it)


I moved to the Okanagan (the second time) early in 2014. Working at Tinhorn, I have been given the opportunity to make the country’s best wines and learn from a very experienced team. I’m originally from Ontario, and after spending the past 8 years in 4 countries it feels like I’ve finally come home.

The facts: I have a Bachelor of Science from Guelph and a Master of Science in Oenology from Adelaide; I made wine in McLaren Vale, Northern Rhone, Marlborough, Niagara, and the Okanagan/Similkameen; as a teen I saw Nirvana
perform at Maple Leaf Gardens (so sweet!).


Korol Kuklo

Korel Kukla

assistant winemaker

what I do: lead the harvest, oversee fermentation, blend, barrel, bottle


“I think we need to taste this again. Or maybe a few more times.”


I started working at Tinhorn Creek in 1998, in the cellar with Sandra. It was just after my move from the Lower Mainland and a pretty big career change. At first, I worked in the lab as the lead for quality control. The move to Stelvin twist-offs? That was partly me.

The facts: I have a Diploma in Food Service from Langara College; before winemaking, I worked as a food service technician in hospitals and healthcare institutions; there’s a good chance I have the most Boston Terriers in the Okanagan.

Sue Des Lauriers - Director of Marketing & SalesSue Des Lauriers

director of sales & marketing

What I do: connect people with the wines, the place, the experience.

“I market the days of the week to my kids – we all need Make it Happen Mondays.”


My family was living in Horseshoe Bay when, through a chance online meeting with a recruiter, a dream job at Tinhorn Creek found me. I had been running my own branding agency for 7 years, but I knew this was the right opportunity. In the past I’ve marketed all kinds of beverages and when I started learning about wine it really sunk in – this was it for me. As of summer 2014, we call the Okanagan home.

The facts: I studied Merchandising Management
at Ontario’s Ryerson University and Marketing Management at the University of British Columbia; I worked at Cascadia Brands with VQA wines, then started a branding agency (Brands BC); I once had a summer job as a deckhand, baiting hooks and casting lines with west coast visitors on fishing tours.


Shaun Everest Saun Everest

vice president, finance & admin/cfo

what I do: keep Tinhorn on budget


“Did we really budget for that? Well, okay then.”


I joined Tinhorn Creek in 1997 as the marketing manager before putting on the money belt in 2008. It was a natural move for me, with a background in marketing and international business. And this way, I can keep an eye on both Sandra’s and Andrew’s budgets. Mostly.

The facts: I have a BA in Economics from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the University of British Columbia; I worked with some of the big fish at Coca-Cola and Scott Paper; like many people from eastern Canada who go to university in BC, I never went back. (sorry, Ontario)

Kenn Oldfield

Kenn Oldfield


what I do: special projects, loaf
“Andrew, where do we keep the welder…”


In 1993, I started Tinhorn Creek with my friend Bob. Not many people know this, but we’ve been friends since we went to university together in Ontario; so long that we’re like family.

The facts: I hold a BA Sc in chemical engineering and completed the coursework for a master’s degree in viticulture through UC Davis; a lifetime ago, I worked as a consultant in the process control industry; I have more than one old Volkswagen mid-restoration.

Mark Butschler Mark Butschler

bc sales manager

what I do: get Tinhorn wines into your favourite BC restaurants and stores


“I ran 10km before breakfast. Hey – are you going to eat those almonds?”


I started working with Tinhorn Creek in 2008, after spending over a decade representing some big name international wines. In that time I’ve realized it’s who you’re working with – and for – that makes all the difference. Meeting such amazing people is the best part of my job.

The facts: I have WSET Level 3 Advanced and Court of Master Sommeliers Level 2; before Tinhorn, I sold wine for people like Jackson Estates Wines and Pernod Ricard Canada; I am Ironman – seriously, I’m on my 5th Ironman triathlon and I coach other triathletes to help them reach their goals.


Muriel Allen

hospitality manager

what I do: pour wine, talk wine, sell wine


“I think we might need more glasses.”


I’ve worked at Tinhorn Creek since 2001. Like many other people who make BC their home, I’m originally from ‘somewhere else’; in my case, it was Saskatchewan, then Banff and Saltspring Island before finally calling the Okanagan ‘home’ in 1999. My job at Tinhorn fits perfectly with my love of wine and food.

The facts: I completed the Winery Assistant Program at Okanagan College (formerly OUC); I have a background in retail and the restaurant industry; on my days off I can be found scouring local flea markets in search of art project materials.


Terry Meyer Stone

Direct to Consumer/WineClub Manager





















what I do: put tasty Tinhorn

wines into the hands of happy 

wine drinkers


“Can I have that wine for the next Crush Club shipment, pretty please?”

In 2009 I moved from the windswept Canadian prairies to the beautiful Okanagan, and joined Tinhorn Creek in 2012 to manage the wine club – or as we call it, the “Crush Club”. In working with our club members I have the best job because it’s an ideal blend of people, wine, and fun. Who wouldn’t want to do this?

The facts: I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Calgary; I’ve worked as an advertising executive, TV show host, I once owned a modeling agency, and I’m a former Miss Canada (no, I won’t tell you what year); in my spare time I help my husband grow grapes and chase chickens.