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June 1, 2011 | News | Tinhorn Creek Staff

A Stunning 28% Reduction on Greenhouse Gas Emission

Producer of highly acclaimed, award winning wines, Tinhorn Creek Vineyards continues to further sustainability practices by achieving an impressive 28% reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions or 

tonnes of CO2 Equivalents over last year.  The May 9th carbon inventory submitted by Tinhorn Creek was approved by Climate Smart, who help businesses measure and reduce their carbon footprint while cutting costs.

•    41% reduction overall in waste sent to landfill.  More waste was sent to be recycled than to the landfill for the first time in the winery’s history.
•    32% reduction in electricity usage in all areas of the vineyard and winery buildings.  Some of this (approx. 15%) was possibly due to a more temperate year, but the remainder was due to efficiencies such as a lights out policy in areas where work is not occurring.
•    26% reduction is Green House Gas emissions due mainly to the use of bio-diesel fuel and more efficient use of farm tractors.
•    38% reduction of paper usage due to the use of double-sided copies, use of paperless faxes and less printing overall.

Every year since 2009, COO and Winemaker Sandra Oldfield calculates the total greenhouse gas emissions produced by the winery, targets areas to cut emissions with a continued effort towards 100% carbon neutral practices, and finally, offsets the carbon footprint with the help of Vancouver based Offsetters, Canada’s premier provider of high quality solutions for individuals and organizations seeking to reduce their climate impact.

Tinhorn Creek’s 2011 goal is a multi-pronged approach:
•    Energy efficient upgrades--such as retrofitting facilities with LED lighting following a lighting audit.
•    Reductions in employee travel--the company encourages employees to seek practical alternatives when considering their travel needs.  For example, Winemaker Sandra Oldfield participates in ‘Virtual Tastings’ with media and wine buyers.
•    Incorporating 100% of Miradoro organic waste into our grape waste compost program
•    The winery is embarking on a program to convert all 130 planted acres to drip irrigation.

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards has been a vanguard in responsible practices since its inception in 1994 and has been recognized by The Land Conservancy as a partner for their ongoing stewardship. They developed systems with South Okanagan-Similkameen Stewardship Program that has led to placing snake fences around the vineyard property to protect visitors, staff and snakes. Tinhorn Creek has also worked with local community based organizations to re-plant indigenous bushes and grasses. 100% of plant based harvest waste is composted and put back into the property. Lightweight eco-glass is imported from Seattle to ensure that all wine packaging is sourced from the Pacific Northwest.



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