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June 30, 2011 | News | Tinhorn Creek Staff

Tinhorn Creek Pinot Noir is Back

Varietal Series Pinot Noir.  Typically a July release, Tinhorn Creek chose not to release the Pinot Noir last summer.  Rather than release it according to schedule, Tinhorn decided that the Pinot Noir would benefit from an additional year of bottle aging and held it back to give it more time to be at it’s best for their customers.


On making this decision Sandra Oldfield, President & CEO of Tinhorn Creek, says “When we tasted the Pinot Noir from our in-house library, we found our Pinot Noir showed a much greater character after an additional year of aging. We want our customers to be able to experience these added layers of complexity for themselves, so we made the difficult decision of holding the wine back for an additional year of aging in the bottle.”

This was not the only change to the Pinot Noir program at Tinhorn Creek. A decision was also made to make an Oldfield Series Pinot Noir in addition to the Varietal Series Pinot Noir. The difference between these two Pinot Noirs can found in vineyard practices, oak programs, but most significantly in the bottle aging time. The Varietal Series Pinot Noir will have two years of bottle aging before it is released and the Oldfield Series Pinot Noir will have three years.

The Tinhorn Creek Pinot Noir 2008 will be released tomorrow (July 1, 2011) and the Oldfield Series Pinot Noir 2008 will be released in 2012.



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