We try to keep the menus on our website as up to date as possible, but sometimes it takes us a few days to make the changes. The printed menu at Miradoro will always be the most current version.



roasted olives   8

albondigas – beef and pork meatballs,  tomato sauce, arugula, parmesan   16

rosebank farms chicken wings – honey parika glaze, almonds, chives, pickled padron peppers     13

charcuterie plate - assorted house made cured meats & accompaniments     19
add bc artisanal cheese 6/oz

trio of bc artisanal cheese – membrillo, red fife flat bread, sweet and salty nuts    20


pizza – in the classic Neapolitan style

fungi - white sauce, wild & cultivated mushrooms, nostrala, caramelized onions   19 

quattro formaggi – grana padano, smoked mozzarella, tiger blue, nostrala   19 

margherita – tomato, basil, fior di latte   19

pancetta – italian bacon, roast garlic, smoked mozzarella   19

zucchini e miele – white sauce, medley organics zucchini, mortadella, jack's honey, fior di latte, red onion, oregano   19

diavolo - tomato, alpindon, capacolli, fermented chilli sauce, pepperoncini    19



This is modern wine country cuisine. Our food pays homage to the bounty of the Okanagan, using the culinary traditions of the Mediterranean as our inspiration. We believe that there’s nothing better than simply, but well-prepared ingredients from our local fields, forests and ocean.
Jeff Van Geest - Executive Chef