Charitable Giving

In 2005, Tinhorn Creek named the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada as our charity of choice for our charitable giving program. It has always been our goal to be a good corporate citizen and the time came to put some structure to this. In true, Tinhorn Creek, fashion we started with what our criteria should be for the program and then began down the path of identifying organizations that best met the things we feel are most important.

The “Three C’s” quickly came to the forefront in our criteria for consideration.


- a must


– something that is very important to us. We want to leave this world a better place than we found it and know of no better way than to make sure kids are well taken care of


– in the communities where we do business. With ninety percent of our wine sold in B.C. and Alberta we felt it was most important to support an organization that has chapters in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and, of course, Oliver.

How much to give? Another question we asked ourselves. We’re proud to say that the figure we arrived at was 2.5%, annually, of our net income before taxes. As a yard-stick we feel this level of giving measures up and it’s important for the amount we give to increase as we become more successful. There’s a built-in incentive here.

We were very pleased to name the Boys and Girls Clubs of CANADA as the organization we have selected to align ourselves with. Each year, through consultation with the individual chapters, we select projects that support children across the spectrum of age ranges. The chapters can rely on this funding and plan on it being there for them to fund the many valuable services they provide to our young people, be they Food and Nutrition at School programs, or the Beltline Youth Initiative which exposes marginalized high risk youth to mentors, leadership, cultural awareness, volunteerism, positive adult role models, a safe place to belong and a stable support system.

We’re excited about heading down this path and we invite you to join us through the continued support you give us each day by purchasing our wine.

Tinhorn Creek also gives back to the community in many other ways through the donation of stays in our guest house among the vines here at the winery. Our “Vineyard Getaway” package has been an extremely popular item in the myriad of silent and live auctions to which it has been donated in British Columbia and Alberta over the years.

While we would like to be able to help out every organization that approaches us, we simply are unable. However, if you would like us to consider donating to your fundraiser, please fill out this form describing the nature of your organization and event. We will give it careful consideration.


Boys and Girls Clubs of Edmonton
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Vancouver
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Victoria
Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary